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What is Bijol? 

Possibly you have seen those expert-looking gourmets at the supermarket as they shop for their condiments, and you’ve noticed how the most knowledgeable of these individuals all go for the little cans of BIJOL.  What is BIJOL, you’ve wondered?

Founded in 1922 in Cuba, BIJOL is among the leading companies producing the best and most popular brands of condiments, spices and seasonings used in gourmet cuisine worldwide.  The founder of BIJOL, Rafael Martinez, carefully crafted the ingenious formula for BIJOL’s number one product, the BIJOL CONDIMENT.  This condiment is widely used in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Philippines. The BIJOL CONDIMENT is made from a mixture of corn flour, annatto, ground cumin, and color. This condiment was introduced in the United States and the Caribbean in 1942. The Bijol Condiment and Spices Company began operations in Miami, Florida in 1962.

In addition to the well-known BIJOL CONDIMENT, the Bijol Company also has a wide variety of spices and seasonings, including among others the well renowned GOURMET SEASONING and GOURMET SEASONING WITH BIJOL containing no MSG, with all natural ingredients and low in sodium.  There’s a lot for consumers to choose from- something for every taste!

So the next time you’re looking for condiments and spices to stock your shelves with that little “something extra” that spices up people’s favorite dishes- try BIJOL products!  You’ll see why BIJOL has become the favorite among those with the culinary know-how, and you’ll discover how BIJOL products will become a favorite among your clientele.  BIJOL can provide that extra special flavor that only the right condiments and spices can deliver.  Don’t be surprised if customers tell you that, thanks to BIJOL products, they have joined the elite among those whose passion is delicious cuisine and who know how to prepare it like expert gourmets!