Where can I find BIJOL®?

You should be able to find BIJOL® and our other products at major supermarkets, Latin groceries, gourmet markets and health food stores in areas with a significant Hispanic population. You can also use our BIJOL® finder here or buy it directly from our online store. In any case, please ask your grocer to stock BIJOL® so more and more people can enjoy authentic Latin dishes.


How much BIJOL® should I use?

A little BIJOL® goes a long way. Most recipes call for a quarter teaspoon. Of course, you can impress your friends by casually adding “a pinch” of BIJOL®. That’s how professional chefs do it, for pretty much the same reason.


How long does a jar of BIJOL® last?

Unopened, two years, which would be an unspeakable act of self-deprivation. Please use our pride and joy quickly and often. Because just a little BIJOL® adds so much color and flavor, a 4ounce jar should last you about 3 months of delicious meals. Unless you decide to open up your own restaurant, of course. We encourage you to do that, too.


What are the ingredients of BIJOL®?

Corn Flour, Cumin, Annatto, Yellow No. 5 and Red No. 40.


Can I make BIJOL® at home?

Yes, of course. Rafael Martínez did it in 1922. Just don’t call it BIJOL®, please.


Who invented BIJOL®?

Rafael Martínez, a Cuban gourmand, amateur chef, and entrepreneur, founder of Cuba Metal and partner with China Bank.


Is BIJOL® vegan?

Yes. Proudly so.


Does BIJOL® have any preservatives?

None whatsoever.


Is BIJOL® Kosher?

We are in the process of obtaining Kosher certification. Shouldn’t be long now.


Is BIJOL® Gluten free?



Does BIJOL® have MSG?